Mandala Tokenomics

The Crypto Mandala Project is offering 11,111 unique NFTs built on the Avalanche Blockchain Platform. In this article, we will go over the Tokenomics of Crypto Mandala.

Crypto Mandala offers 11,111 unique NFTs, each composed of hand-drawn components. All ERC-721 compliant NFTs were created on the Avalanche Blockchain Network and saved to IPFS in SVG format.
Each Crypto Mandala is composed of five distinct rings and the rotation of these rings in various directions determines the rarity of NFTs.
A total of 11,111 unique NFTs are made up of

- 340 Genus with no moving parts, reserved for rewards and gifts,
- 4,334 Monus with a single moving ring,
- 3,223 Dius with two moving rings,
- 2,112 Trius with three moving rings,
- 1,001 Tetrus with four moving rings,
- 101 Pentus with five moving rings.

The minting cost for Crypto Mandalas is fixed and 1.51 $AVAX. 

The Crypto Mandala Project, created by the same team that brought you the Avaxtars project, will be used as a one-of-a-kind component in all projects of the same team. 

Each Crypto Mandala NFT is a unique SEAL that will allow you to access special functions within Avaxtars and other similar features in our other projects.

Holders of Crypto Mandala will also be able to earn and use a limited-edition Mandala Token ($MNDL). 

Beyond NFT $MNDL ERC-20 Token 

The Crypto Mandala Project does more than just providing 11,111 unique art works. At the same time, it offers 555,555,555 $MNDL Tokens to their owners and the market. 

The distribution of $MNDL Tokens will take place as shown in the table below. All the snapshots for the AirDrops had taken on 26th September, 2021 @12:00 (UTC+3).

To obtain your AirDrop privileges, simply visit the CryptoMandala.art website, connect your Metamask wallet in the Wallet section and withdraw the AirDrop presented to you (whenever it becomes available). 

$MNDL Farm Rewards

333,333,333 $MNDL Tokens will be distributed to Crypto Mandala holders on a regular basis by NFT staking mechanism.

Soon after the Crypto Mandala sales begin, the $MNDL Farm system will be activated. 

Every 24 hours, half of the prize pool balance will be divided by 364 and distributed to Crypto Mandala holders.

There are various reward coefficients for Crypto Mandalas of varying rarity. 

The prize multipliers are as follows: Genus 0,75x, Monus 1x, Dius 2x, Trius 3x, Tetrus 4x and Pentus 5x. 

The award distribution in this context has a sustainability of at least ten years.

The table here shows the prize pool amounts per Crypto Mandala rarity for the first 3,650 days. As shown in the table, the reward system guarantees a consistent and sustainable $MNDL Token return. 

Use of $MNDL Token

Crypto Mandala Project developed by the same team that presented Avaxtars. The $MNDL Token will be positioned to offer some special advantages in all our projects. We’ll also reveal various partnerships and offer advantages that the $MNDL Token will provide in the future within Crypto Mandala.