Crypto Mandala

Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures. In this article we will reveal the details about the Crypto Mandala Project.

A Mandala can be understood in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a guide for persons life adventure.

Through the exploration of past developments and innovations, the Crypto Mandala Project offers a plethora of new meaning alternatives. Crypto Mandala artwork offers us a wise view of the universe and our own psyches.

The Crypto Mandala features five concentric circles that are interlocked. Circles come in different shapes and sizes.

The outermost ring

While the outermost ring represents the universe, it also represents a person’s harmony with the environment. The clockwise rotation of this ring represents the person’s future plans, while the counterclockwise rotation expresses the person’s connection to the past.

The second ring

The galaxy is the second ring. It depicts the individual’s life journey. The clockwise movement of this ring denotes a person’s harmony with their surroundings, while the counterclockwise movement denotes an extraordinary life.

The third ring

The third ring is the solar system. It refers to the person’s family and close friends. This ring’s rotation clockwise emphasizes the importance of preserving traditional relationships for the person, while rotation counterclockwise emphasizes the importance of establishing new relationships.

The fourth ring

The fourth ring is the planet. It refers to the personality of the individual. The movement of this ring clockwise demonstrates one’s risk-taking confidence, whereas movement in the opposite direction strives to preserve current gains.

The innermost ring

The innermost ring is the house. It demonstrates the individual’s consciousness. Clockwise movement represents an ongoing search, whereas counterclockwise movement represents the repetition of the peace provided by existing knowledge.

Each of the non-rotating rings represents a journey that has not yet begun or an adventure that has come to an end.

All Interlocked Rings

Crypto Mandala is devoid of negativity on a holistic level. It causes the Universe and the individual to become more holistic. There is no such thing as right and wrong. It is a journey of discovery within the perfect harmony of an infinite cycle.

Crypto Mandala has a large library of unique hand drawn rings, with over 75 million possible combinations. When we consider the changing colors, the possibilities for combinations are virtually limitless.

In essence, each ring contains a different color. It expresses the universe’s and the individual’s emotions. These are the definitions:

RED: Power, high energy and passion

PINK: Love, intuition and femininity

ORANGE: Creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition

YELLOW: Knowledge, wisdom, laughter and joy

GREEN: Physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and compassion

BLUE: Emotional healing, inner peace and meditation

PURPLE: Anything spiritual

WHITE: Religious focus

BLACK: Mystery, reflection and individuality